How to Recover Lost USB Drive on a Mac

We all know that if the documents in USB drive are deleted, then it is gone forever. But, what should you do if those documents are very important? How to recover deleted documents  from USB drive?

Documents deleted from USB drive are different from those deleted from your computer. Documents (excluding large documents) deleted from computer will be stored in Recycle Bin. If you want to get the deleted documents back, you can just get them back from the Recycle Bin. However, documents deleted from USB drive are different and won’t stay in Recycle Bin.

Although deleted  documents from USB drive won’t stay in Recycle Bin, the easiest and most convenient recovery way is to use documents recovery software to recover deleted documents. Let’s take a look at the specific procedures to recover documents deleted from USB drive.

      1. Preparation work: install Data Recovery software in your computer, and then connect USB drive to your computer. If you have already done this, you can just skip the step 1.

      2. Begin to recover deleted documents  from the USB drive: start Data Recovery software, click “scan” and follow the indication displayed in Recovery Wizard.

      3. After the software finishing scanning all documents in the USB drive, the scan result will be displayed in software list to recover documents deleted from USB drive.

      4. Finally store the documents needed to be recovered and then everything is done. Don’t forget to store it in the USB drive where it was deleted from to avoid damage the original data.

Although recovery of deleted documents  from USB drive requires software of strong recovery ability, documents recovery has its precondition. Only deleted documents not being damaged can be recovered. So, for documents recovery, everyone should know that if the documents get lost, the most important thing is to protect data to avoid it being damaged.

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