Simple Method with Easy Operation-Show You the Easy Steps to Recover Lost Data

If anyone of us has deleted files wrongly, don’t panic. In this article we will talk about deleted files and the method to restore deleted files, from now on, it’s unnecessary for us to worry about file loss.

About Data Loss

about data lossWhen we open Mac Trash on desktop, we will find we could still get the files back to the location where they located. However, it will puzzle us if we choose Empty the Mac Trash, nothing will be left. Now let’s talk about it.

When a file is deleted from your Mac Trash, it is not really deleted. It is just removed from the directory of files in the folder and moved into Mac Trash, and it could be easily restored as long as the file remains there with no problem at all. So the first thing to do when we want to restore deleted file is to look in the Trash Bin.

If we empty the Mac Trash, the files will totally disappear from our sight. The fact is that we still have chances to restore the deleted files. A frequent misunderstanding is that the System Restore feature of Mac can be used to recover deleted files. However, it is not helpful to restore deleted files outside system partition. System Restore is developed specifically to restore system files back to an earlier state, the purpose of which is to enable easy recovery when a software update, installation or removal has an adverse effect on the system. It provides a simple way to restore system to a point in time when everything work.

It would be very annoying if we cannot restore deleted files after using “Restore all items” or System Restore. Here we will talk about the method to restore deleted files.

Method to Restore Deleted Data

Since it looks like there is no other method to restore deleted files if the deleted files are disappeared, some of us must be frantic, because they cannot restore the deleted photos or other documents. Actually there are two methods we choose, one is seeking help from data recovery service, and the other is using file recovery software.

Manual data recovery service is a not-bad choice for some laymen of us. However, we have to expend several days and hundred dollars for manual data recover service to restore deleted files, besides we have to take risk of failure to restore deleted files due to some other reasons.

Thus, file recovery software become the best solution for us to restore deleted files. If there is no physical damage to the storage media, file recovery software is the easiest and safest method to restore deleted files. (As we mentioned in the earlier article, data recovery is possible but you need to act Users quickly to make the chance of data recovery become bigger.)

Steps the Software Offers You to Take

With the powerful Mac data recovery software, all you need to do is to follow the steps below to achieve lost files recoery with ease. To tell you the truth, most of the data recovery will process the data recovery in the steps below:solutions for data loss

1. Install the software on your Mac first (be careful, don’t install it to the path where your lost files were stored before);

2. Launch the program and choose the path which your lost flies were stored before and start scanning (this may take you lots of time because scanning a large space is a hard work, so you need to be patience);

3. After scanning finished, click “Recover”, you will find the lost data coming back to you again in a while.

What to Do Next

Yes, you just get your lost files back, but you still need to be careful, you should check if the recovered files are in the original quality and size, and you still need to check if the files you targeted before. And, build a backup is a good habit for avoiding the data loss problem.

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